Sketch of the altarolo conrilievi di storie della vita di Gesù.

After going around Rome and taking in so much. I have found my favorite piece of art. It was hard to make the decision with so much wonderful art I saw today, like the statue of hades with Aphrodite and his 3 headed dog. It was so life like because of how the the sculpture was molded where hades was grabbing her leg and it actually was made to look remarkably real. Also to the comparison of Raphael work and berninis. Seeing them in picture are great, but when you are present right in front of them. I just don't know what to say. It's so overwhelming. To the point, my favorite was the altarolo conrilievi di storie della vita du Gesù made by Matthias Wallbaum. He was breathe taking how he could sculpt this wonderful price with so much detail with so little room. This piece is filled Angels, gladiators, priest, popes, saints, dragons, and to finish it off at the top is Jesus crucified. Such an astonishing asymmetrical piece. If you have not seen it. Look it up, I promise it's worth it.



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