1. Marisa Merz

Painting/drawing/ multimedia

In most of her compositions she uses variations of colors. I find her work very interesting and relaxing because there is a lot of free movement.

2. Walter De Maria


His work is very unique. I have never seen this type of media used before to make a very dynamic composition.

3.Varda Caivano


In his work he has variety of lines and color. There is a lot of free movement and contrast.

4. Kamikaze Loggia


He uses a variety of media like wood to build houses and also uses people. He creates dynamic compositions with movement of people.

5. Enrico David

Mixed media

His work consist of cloth like material. It looks soft making the viewer want to interact with it. He show great contrast in the orange and black pieces.

6. Henrik Olesen

Mixed media

His work consist of human oriented parts. He uses the word sex a lot and human like parts.

7. Sarah Lucas


She reflects upon a lot of men. She tends to blow parts out of porportion creating contrast in scale.

8. James Lee Byars


His work seems to be made of gold. It gives me the sense that it is trying to give me a message with the letters engraved on the pieces. I would really like to figure out what those letters mean.

9. Mark Manders


He tends to remake human body parts. In one of his pieces, he makes a woman like figure trying to balance her self on the edge of a table. Giving balance to the composition.

10. Carol Rama


The material she uses seems to look vintage or old. The color gives it a look like it was created a while back. These pieces contrast from other art pieces because of its rarity.

11. John bock


He uses contrast by using light and darkness. He also creates a lot if shapes with tr shadows adding more to his composition.

12. Hans josephsohn


It looks like he uses clay a lot combined with earthy like material such as dirt or sand. He also likes to make human like parts.

13. Danh Vo

Mixed Media

In his work he uses wood or cloth to create a dynamic composition. In his work it seems like things were hung up and these dark shaded areas were left behind.

14. James Richards

Photography/ Video/ Mixed Media

He uses crosshatching a lot. He has a broad variety of different composition axe with different media like water. He creates vibrations in the water and records the ripples it creates.

15. Daniel Hesidence


The technique he uses a lot is monochromatic with cyan. When I look at his pieces I see pets like cats or dogs.

16.Geta Bratesco

Mixed Media

She has a broad variety of color in most of her work. She uses a lot of the thread to create such dynamic and unique composition.

17. Harun Farocki


Most of his work has to do with religion. Most all of what he records is interactable

18. Helen Marten

Sculpture/ Mixed Media

She uses a variety if media. She uses wood, cardboard, steel, and fruit. She Mostly enjoys working with fruit and human like parts like faces.

19. Simon Denny


His work is very effective because it makes the viewer want to walk around it and look to see what's on the other side. So it creates movement. The scale of his work resemble the real things in life.

20. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye


He really uses contrast to help lure people to see what composition he has created. It very effective on how he used the whiteness of the wall to draw the viewer in closer to see the design he has created.

21. Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys


They use alot if styrofoam. Their work is unique because they add a story to their work.

22. Pamela Rosenkranz

Video/ Mixed Media

The sounds don't really work for the composition because the sound doesnt pertain or have anything to do with the work.

23. Trisha Donnelly


In this piece she really defined a focal point. It draws your eye to it and makes you look up close at te scrapes it has and makes you wonder how it got them.

24. Rudolf Stingel

Monographs/ Painting

There is alot of geometric shapes along with repetition of shapes. The floors and walls are covered by rugs that have symmetrical compositions.

25. Yüksel Arslan

Painting/ Mixed Media

He uses alot of human elements like faces. He also has alot asymmetrical, symmetrical, and geometrical shapes.

26. Christopher Williams


He takes most of his pictures and makes them black and white except for one. It is a picture of a magazine cover that has people with hats on that have different countries written on them. I feel like he is trying to bring the world together.

27. Katrín Sigurdardóttir


This composition is very affective because it moves you around the while composition. The view from above is fascinating because you see a variety I both geometric and organic shapes.

28. Lawrence Weiner

Word Art

I find his work very welcoming. It welcomes everyone from around the world because it has a variety of languages written.

29. Mathias Poledna

Film/ Sketching

The process of how he makes the film is amazing. He goes from sketching, layouts, animation, and backgrounds.



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