This day was a very exhausting day for Shaun and I. Upon the arrival of the Duomo Baptistry, Shaun and I decided to go inside and climb it all the way to the top. So we did and the stairs just went on and on and on and on and on. But on the way up we saw beautiful paintings in the inside of the duomo. The paintings went from hell (the bottom) to heaven (the top). It was kinda hard to take pictures because there was plastic in the way. But that didnt stop me from taking pictures. Finally we arrived to the top and let me tell you. It was simply amazing. The view went on and on. While we were up there, it began to slightly rain. So I sat down and enjoyed the nice cold rain and the beautiful view. We finally started heading down and on the way down it was spiral stairs all the way down. So I ended up all dizzy. After exiting the duomo we just heading back to the hotel.

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