On this day we headed out to see David. The real statue of David. Where we saw amazing art by Bernini. After taking in the amazing view of David and sketching it. I decided to move on and see more sculpturing that was really impressive for instance there was one specific sculpture that is a monument to Sofia Zamoyska. It was remarkably detailed that it made it look like a real nun lying down. At one point I thought that she was going to open her eyes and wave at me. A lot of things I noticed in sculptures was that there were a lot of black dots or screws in them. Why is that? Only one way to find out. Research. At this gallery of Accademia, there was also a replica of the dome of the pantheon. After that gallery we headed to the Galleria Degli Uffizi where I began to notice a lot of details that got me wondering things. Like in a lot of painting of Christ crucified, there was a skull underneath his feet. Why? well I researched and came across this. The skull represents the legend of Christ, the new Adam, who conquered sin and death, was crucified in the gravesite of the first man, Adam, who brought sin and death into the world through his disobedience to God. The skull is a symbol of Adam's grave. The skull and bones are placed beneath Jesus' feet, to show that he triumphed over death and sin on our behalf. There was also a lot of dragons in a lot of art pieces, so I looked that up too and found that it is said that the dragons represent the devil. After heading out of the gallery I went on my own and began to sketch a little. Then went on with my afternoon.

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