We arrived at the Scrovegni Chapel where I witnessed yet again amazing art. The walls told a story from left to right from top to bottom. Even though we didnt stay there to long. It was enough to motivate me to begin on sketching and thinking about my future art pieces. After Padua, some people headed to Verona while I headed to see Doge's Palace with joe. As we're were running out of time we raced through. Once we got to the armory, we slowed down. Well at least I did joe didn't really care much haha. I was amazed at how many different weapons they had. For instance they had a hatchet that was also a gun and another was a sword that was also a gun. So I just stood there with my mouth wide open astonished at all then marvelous unique weapons I had never seen. As we finally exited the palace we headed back to the room. To freshen up and headed to meet up with the Slagles for a marvelous gondola ride with a few students. We witnessed the sunset while on the gondola and it was amazing. After that we just decided to eat and get some rest because the following day was going to be yet another exciting busy day.

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