I have never been anywhere with such a wide range of art Its crazy, paintings to assemblage.


My favorite artist is still Lynette Boakye, her dark muted colors call to me! I found out that she paints all of her work in one day ! The whole thing she also uses no models she paints from her mind.


The Size of this one just blows my mind, a mosaic made of acrylic paint! He somehow make it look like glass. I want to try to fuse the sea glass I found to make a mosaic on a much smaller scale. This work took over 2 years and was made in honor of 911.


Maria Lassnig Her paintings are an expression of the body, a theme which she calls "body awareness" she shows us the a non perfect view of the human body. Doi


 Catherine de Zegher the curator of Russia, made a powerful statement for the women of the world. As you walk through you read quotes on the walls about greed….. then there is a part that is just for women where there is a coin well .


SARAH SZE the curator for USA, the level of thought that when into this is mind blowing!

The technical skill shown here is crazy! I think this is a wonderful way to explain America thousands of small things combined to create something Great! AND PAPER ROCKS !!!
The Uffizi gallery is giant with thousands of beautiful breathtaking sculptures and paintings so many that I could not even find "the birth of Venus" a painting that I really want to see. One of the things I did notice in the gallery was the broad range in the way the Madonna were painted, some were beautiful blonde and covered in jewels others were more homely very different looks the mother of Jesus.

Everyone has heard about Venice the city of water and color, but until you see it for yourself you can not fully understand. There is so much to see, so glad we get to stay 5 days!! 

We have all seen pictures or heard references to Michelangelo's David, but until you see for yourself you cannot fully understand. I was wrong in assuming the size of David I knew you'd be larger than a normal person but not the giant masterpiece that he is. I cannot even fathom the skill it would take to create such piece of art down to the veins on his wrists and the expression on his face.

The Vatican I have no words for the beauty and grace of the art I was able to see. Sadly there is no photography allowed, I will upload some pictures from the webs and maybe a picture of some of the sketching I did. While I was in the Cistine chapel ( a mind blowing feet by mankind ) I spent an hour sketching that felt like 10 minutes.


Rome is an amazing city full of so much history, every step you take there is something new to see it causes a little bit of an overload!!

If you want to be seen as roman follow these simple rules.

  1. When crossing the road to not look both ways, walk as if you have not a care in the world.
  2. When eatting, order fast ! And even though you don't know Italian try to use one phrase.Ps. If the waiter says you want... Bread water ect... it. Is. Not. Free !
  3. Speaking of not free- when the people walk up and complement you and tell you nice things, they are trying to sell you things!! No matter how nice they are! They are not your friends.
  4. Wine with your meals and from what I have seen it's every meal.
  5. When riding public transport- act as if it is not moving at all. Also it should seem as If you are riding alone,no such thing personal space.
  6. How to dress
    • Women- heels heels heels, a true roman women can walk cobbles stones in heels
    • Men- short shorts and scarfs.If you have chest hair you must wear a deep V.

What to do on my last day in Florence……. looks like shopping, and lots of picture taking. 


Where Rome was huge and grand, Florence is beauty and detail. The Cattedrale Di Santa Maria Del Fiore is the most beautiful feat of architecture I have ever seen, the amout of time that it would take is mind blowing.