My Absolute love !!! but… i could not find the artists name :( there were 5 name card beside it and when i searched the artist I could not find the piece. This and the gate a the Guggenheim, it was a iron gate with large chucks of uncut glass within. These to works have inspired so much, also the Guggenheim…. no words just kidding more in the next post.


Roberto Cuogh
This work is Epic,  I have no clue how it is balanced! But this is another work what I will try to incorporate into my work. He made this whole thing with a 3d printer not sure how that works but Lander should get one… in my work I want to try to use the anticipation, I can just feel it falling.


  Kimsooja alla- Korea 

This is what i would have a hard time doing, a building of negative space. A beautiful  wonderful amazing building with nothing in it.  Best part no Shoes !  Scariest part a room of complete darkest. Most beautiful part a room of endless rainbows.


Herbert list

A very well know photographer, he loved surrealism which i think shows in his work a lot. To me his work scream modern, but they were shot over 50 years ago that blows my mind! He was so far ahead of his time, his work is so errily realistic. I'm still almost convinced he used real bodes lol.

Sinichi Sawada,

This is just one of a larger series of ceramic works, this stood out a lot there was nothing quite like these works. The detail makes beautiful shadows and texture I really want to incorporate this some how in my work. 

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