I have never been anywhere with such a wide range of art Its crazy, paintings to assemblage.


My favorite artist is still Lynette Boakye, her dark muted colors call to me! I found out that she paints all of her work in one day ! The whole thing she also uses no models she paints from her mind.


The Size of this one just blows my mind, a mosaic made of acrylic paint! He somehow make it look like glass. I want to try to fuse the sea glass I found to make a mosaic on a much smaller scale. This work took over 2 years and was made in honor of 911.


Maria Lassnig Her paintings are an expression of the body, a theme which she calls "body awareness" she shows us the a non perfect view of the human body. Doi


 Catherine de Zegher the curator of Russia, made a powerful statement for the women of the world. As you walk through you read quotes on the walls about greed….. then there is a part that is just for women where there is a coin well .


SARAH SZE the curator for USA, the level of thought that when into this is mind blowing!

The technical skill shown here is crazy! I think this is a wonderful way to explain America thousands of small things combined to create something Great! AND PAPER ROCKS !!!

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