My Absolute love !!! but… i could not find the artists name :( there were 5 name card beside it and when i searched the artist I could not find the piece. This and the gate a the Guggenheim, it was a iron gate with large chucks of uncut glass within. These to works have inspired so much, also the Guggenheim…. no words just kidding more in the next post.


Roberto Cuogh
This work is Epic,  I have no clue how it is balanced! But this is another work what I will try to incorporate into my work. He made this whole thing with a 3d printer not sure how that works but Lander should get one… in my work I want to try to use the anticipation, I can just feel it falling.


  Kimsooja alla- Korea 

This is what i would have a hard time doing, a building of negative space. A beautiful  wonderful amazing building with nothing in it.  Best part no Shoes !  Scariest part a room of complete darkest. Most beautiful part a room of endless rainbows.


Herbert list

A very well know photographer, he loved surrealism which i think shows in his work a lot. To me his work scream modern, but they were shot over 50 years ago that blows my mind! He was so far ahead of his time, his work is so errily realistic. I'm still almost convinced he used real bodes lol.

Sinichi Sawada,

This is just one of a larger series of ceramic works, this stood out a lot there was nothing quite like these works. The detail makes beautiful shadows and texture I really want to incorporate this some how in my work. 
I have never been anywhere with such a wide range of art Its crazy, paintings to assemblage.


My favorite artist is still Lynette Boakye, her dark muted colors call to me! I found out that she paints all of her work in one day ! The whole thing she also uses no models she paints from her mind.


The Size of this one just blows my mind, a mosaic made of acrylic paint! He somehow make it look like glass. I want to try to fuse the sea glass I found to make a mosaic on a much smaller scale. This work took over 2 years and was made in honor of 911.


Maria Lassnig Her paintings are an expression of the body, a theme which she calls "body awareness" she shows us the a non perfect view of the human body. Doi


 Catherine de Zegher the curator of Russia, made a powerful statement for the women of the world. As you walk through you read quotes on the walls about greed….. then there is a part that is just for women where there is a coin well .


SARAH SZE the curator for USA, the level of thought that when into this is mind blowing!

The technical skill shown here is crazy! I think this is a wonderful way to explain America thousands of small things combined to create something Great! AND PAPER ROCKS !!!
·      Marisa Merz –An Italian sculptor born in Turin Italy in 1935. Even though she is mainly known for her sculpture we will see a lot of her drawings while we are in Venice. Her media of choice metals copper tin…  I am not a huge fan of her work but I recognize this deal it takes to create what she does.

·      Walter D Maria–born America in 1935 in the sculptor and a composer he tends to use simple geometric shapes. I enjoyed the simplistic patterns in his work and the ability they have to invoke thought.

·      Varda Cavivano- was born in Buenos Aires in 1971 she now lives in London, she is a painter mainly uses oil she loves the deep dark colors she’s able to produce. Painting style seems to me to be quick flicks of the wrist like even she is not sure what she’s about paint.

·      Enrico David – born in Italy in 1966 he is an artist of all trades but most recently he is known for his mixed media sculptures. He uses texture very effectively sculptures that appear to be hard and smooth he makes soft and fluffy and the inviting colors and textures of the sculpture do not relate to the look of the sculptures.

·      Henrick Olsen- a Danish artist born in 1967 is a quote modern artist any notes his work will shine a light on the criminalization of homosexuality. In all honesty his work does not make a lot of sense to me maybe a something asked if you impression to understand.

·      Sarah Lucas- born in 1962 her art is what some would call crude; I call it funny.  Her sculptures are blatantly sexual in almost comedic way, they’re very organic and it just gives you the outline of human bodies.

·      James lee byars- born in 1932 in Cairo Egypt died in 1987, Breyer’s art was mainly installation and performance art one of his most famous pieces was titled the death of James Lee byars in which he planned and photographed his own Memorial.

·      Mark Manders- a Dutch artist born in 1965 Manders body of work is mainly installations and sculptures most of his work is the arrangement of random objects which is called assemblage he arranges objects are chairs tables cooking utensils. I think his clay and mixed media pieces are very beautiful faces laminated between pieces of wood.

·      Carol Rama- an Italian self-taught artist does very unconventional bold sexual paintings; to meet her paintings look more like printmaking prints and paintings.

·      John Bock- John Bock is a German artist is art is mainly in the form of multimedia but the work will be viewing in Italy he has built a giant white box to house one maggot, I do not understand this.

·      Hans Josephson – a Swiss culture born in 1920 is cultures are bold to look at they give us a new view of the human body simplified to an almost on recognizable form. To me they almost look as if they are natural as if they were just pulled from the ground instead of crafted by someone hand.

·      Danh Vo- born in Vietnam but raised in Denmark he uses a lot of ready-made objects to build performance based art each of his cultures could stand alone as individual piece but they also work as a collective with similar styles colors and textures.

·      James Richards- a British artists working video and sculptures him as he focuses on media topics for his work I believe the topic now is homosexuality.

·      Daniel Hesidence- and American abstract painter that this truly beautiful works he uses color and line to produce great depth within his paintings. Some of his paintings I feel as though I could stare at them for hours.

·      Greta bratescu – a Romanian artist that works with graphic design and collage art.  A lot of Bratescu’s work deals with repetition of objects with a change in the color scheme.

·      Harin Farock- A German filmmaker who has produced over 90 experimental documentaries. In the movie we will see he shows scenes from different memorials from all around the world and how people react to them and after each same he has a statement or quote the appears after.

·      Helen Martin–a British artist who builds worlds of household objects and sometimes just random objects.  I feel is the sculptures are trying to communicate story one using any words.

·      Simon Denny- born in New Zealand in 1982 he is a sculptor and designer. The work we will be seeing in Venice Denny has built a world of technology printed on canvas.

·      Lynette Yiadam Boakye- A Ghanaian artist born in 1977 from what I have seen, Boakye is my new favorite; her paintings are just so beautiful. Her use of dark muted colors and rough painting style combined to create wonderful works. From looking at them on my computer screen it appears that if you were standing back from paintings they would almost be black but as you move in you begin to see the color and detail she puts into her work. She does a lot of work with people of different skin tones mainly those with darker skin and a variety of poses in one of my favorites she has painted a person simply putting on their socks I cannot wait to see these.

·      Jos De Groyter & Harold Thys – Two Belgian artists that have made over 20 documentaries and artistic films together. After watching the excerpt from the video they made I have to say I really do not understand what they’re trying to say maybe from seeing more of the movie I will be able to comprehend the message.

·      Pamela Rosetram- a Switzerland born filmmaker informs us all of the dangers of painting smoking and many other things. I think the painting she has done look very interesting but the video did not make a lot of sense to me.

·      Trisha Donnelly–and American artists who uses texture of her work and even the surroundings to tell us more. She also enjoys working with A/V and painting.

·      Rudolph Stingel–born in Italy, he is a sculptor and a painter. He wants his work to start a conversation to get people talking more about art. His painting style seems to be very heavy-handed.

·      Yüksel Arslan- a surrealist painter born in Turkey, his work deals a lot with man in the inner workings of man. The thoughts that lay beneath what we can see the darker side of humanity.  His drawings have a irregular almost eerie feel to them that makes you stop and look at them again.

·      Christopher Williams born in 1956 in America he is a fine art photographer who is still lover of the dying form of film photography. My love for black-and-white photography helps me appreciate the subtle skill he displays his photographs.

·      Katrin Sigurdarlir- an Icelandic artist who gives a tour of the world architecture all in one place. Using beautiful tile patterns she creates beautiful mosaic floors.

·      Lawrence Weiner- and American graphic designer who uses simple phrases and beautiful typography to incite thought. Using the statement “ A grace and a gesture” in many different languages he shows all the common threads and differences between these cultures using nothing more than a red line.

·      Mathias Poledna- an Australian artist who has to very distinct styles worn using only line to create movement the other bright watercolor paintings the seem animated I’m really curious to see her work closer.

I hope I am able to take a photo this beautiful.