Rome is an amazing city full of so much history, every step you take there is something new to see it causes a little bit of an overload!!

If you want to be seen as roman follow these simple rules.

  1. When crossing the road to not look both ways, walk as if you have not a care in the world.
  2. When eatting, order fast ! And even though you don't know Italian try to use one phrase.Ps. If the waiter says you want... Bread water ect... it. Is. Not. Free !
  3. Speaking of not free- when the people walk up and complement you and tell you nice things, they are trying to sell you things!! No matter how nice they are! They are not your friends.
  4. Wine with your meals and from what I have seen it's every meal.
  5. When riding public transport- act as if it is not moving at all. Also it should seem as If you are riding alone,no such thing personal space.
  6. How to dress
    • Women- heels heels heels, a true roman women can walk cobbles stones in heels
    • Men- short shorts and scarfs.If you have chest hair you must wear a deep V.

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