I've seen so much this trip! Love Italy ... Would love to live in either Florence or Venice ... It will be sad to leave ...

My feet are in sad shape - we've walked MILES! But, can't stop yet ... Too much yet to see.

WIFI isn't too reliable in the hotels we're stay in. Can't seem to upload photos to this blog. Disappointing. Will have a lot to share when I return!


I'll try again...

Having a marvelous time in Rome! Walking my legs off ... A small price to pay for this opportunity. Amazing sights and wonderful food and wine.


Spent the day reviewing our trip itinerary, packing and cleaning house. I'm pleased to report all my stuff will fit in a 21" Carry-on and a back-back. (Will check the bag so I don't have to worry about the liquids restrictions.) Traveling light this time - it helps that it will be summer so the clothes are thin & light weight. Hope I don't regret packing so light ... oh, yeah ... I could go shopping!!!!

Checked the weather for Rome - clear, mid-80's during the day and in the low to mids 60's at night. Perfect!

Lecture on Contemporary Art - Prof. Sandy Singletary