Marisa Merz

Art looks rough and textured. Appears to be charcoal and some types of crayons. Compositions are abstract and vary in symmetry and color. Sculpture seems to be wrapped in paper and the silver objects act as a focal point.

Walter De Maria
The composition is very structured, but the use of angles creates an asymmetrical balance.

Varda Caivano
Abstract compositions that use color and line to create forms and depth. Looks like conte crayons or water downed acrylics were used.

“Kamikaze Loggia”
The building has economical elements that reinforce the outer look of the building. The mounted car stereos are chaotic compared to the wire frame structures.

Enrico David
Uses different colored fabric that is woven together to create repetitive designs. The sculptures and drawing compliment each other so well that it creates a type of odd world.

Henrik Olesen
Uses pictures, texts, and space arranged to create compositions. Minimal color is used to add variety in the compositions. The two boxes have different meanings as one is filled with sanitary objects but the other has a cigar in it.

Sarah Lucas
The reflective surface of these sculptures allow the light to add movement within the pieces. The sculptures appear to be abstract renderings of human form.

James Lee Byars
I'm not sure what the initials stand for in these sculptures, but as the viewer, the letters create a type of memorial out of these.

Mark Manders
His sculptures create contrast between organic and mechanical elements. The one sculpture looks huge which reads as a face in a bookshelf.

Carol Rama
Uses watercolors to imply shapes of people in various positions. The different frames used add character to the individual compositions.

John Bock
The house looks a little creepy. The house is huge compared to the central focal point to which it encases. To me, it represents making a big deal out of something small.

Hans Josephsohn
These sculptures seem to resemble ancient artifacts. The artist has created pieces that appear to have been around for ages. This technique adds mystery and leaves the viewer figuring out what the piece might have been at one point.

Danh Vo
This setup works as a type of religious shrine. There is repetition of crosses in the shrouds and structures in the beams. The crate with writing adds a modern feel to the room.

James Richards
Not sure how he made the eyes. They look very detailed using cross-hatching and lines in some sort of material. The pictures are scratched out, maybe to invoke thoughts of wrong or bad.

Daniel Hesidence
The use of white lines to bring out forms against the monochromatic backgrounds gives the compositions focal points. It's interesting because it reminds me of making constellations out of stars.

 Geta Brătescu
The use of mixed media creates varying tones of the same theme. The forms remain similar, but different techniques are use to redefine each composition.

Harun Farocki
This video shows the interaction people have with monuments and the emotions that are attached. The people standing in the freeway is interesting and I didn't know that they did this.

Helen Marten
Some of the pictures look computer generated which makes me wonder if any of it is real. There's repetition in shape as in the upper-right door fixture. The faces resemble the shape of the object that they're on.

Simon Denny
Uses photos that are arranged to replicate the objects within the photographs. Shows how complicated something can seem without being real.

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Looks like oil paints were used to depict human forms. Edges of forms are rough and white shows through, maybe to separate the figure from the background.

Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys

The video shows sculptures of human form. It shows how mundane conversation can be.

Pamela Rosenkranz
The audio makes painting sound very dangerous. The art looks like solid colors that has warped areas. The paintings depict what may happen to skin when paint gets on it.

Trisha Donnelly 
The marble monument really pops out against the worn look of the housing. Makes me wonder why this piece is in the middle of this building.

Rudolf Stingel
The dark, intricate designs of the carpet give the white spaces a high contrast.

Yüksel Arslan
His art reads as a type of research of the human form. Some pieces resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics and tell some sort of story.

Cristopher Williams
The black and white photos of plants are arranged to make the viewer read the subject in a different manner than normal.

 Katrín Sigurdardóttir
The elaborate designs create illusions and distort space from different angles. The lighter boards give the dark floors a border that makes it bolder.

 Lawrence Weiner
Uses words to create formulas for the viewer to think about. The red lines emphasize a key word in the phrases.

Mathias Poledna
The small drawings are detailed and each one is different but similar to another. This look like a similar technique that is used 


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