As I walk into the Vatican Museum, I was expecting to see only one great piece of artwork which is the Sistine Chapel. What a surprise  that was bestowed upon me as I was searching for this one particular famous work of art! First off, the sphere within sphere sculpture by artist Arnaldo Pomodoro is a more modern piece of work that got my brain warmed up for the onslaught that followed. I viewed Arnaldo's sculpture as a foreboding piece of future events. The mechanical designs within the spherical shapes present a tale of inner destruction within, what I viewed as, two worlds colliding. I had no idea that almost every room within this place was teeming with so much artwork!


07/12/2013 1:26pm

Travis, great insights! I think that sometimes an artist's interpretations of artworks give them insight into their own creative interests. The artworks that impacted you the most on this trip likely tell you a great deal about where your interests lie.


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