Today was a travel day from Florence to Venice. Brandy and I were able to sleep in which was nice considering how early we have been having to get up he past few days. We woke up and packed our bags to check out of the hotel. We were a little late checking out, apparently. But we got all our stuff together and got a cheap lunch before we walked to the Train station with the group. The train ride was long and made me feel a little sick. But Brandy had some Dramamine so I took one of those and it made me feel a little better. Next we got on a water bus to our hotel and settled in.

Brandy and I are convinced our hotel room is haunted. We call it "the ugly stepchild room" because it is a converted attic, with the slanted ceiling and showing beams. We will see how this first nights sleep goes 0.0 eeeek. It is on the third floor with steps that are so steep that you are parallel to the ones ahead of you. One misstep and I would tumble down those stairs without a doubt!

Other than the Harry potter closet, as I like to call it, Venice is beautiful! The streets are small and quaint with stone paths and brick walls. The windows have gorgeous authentic wood shutters and flowers hanging from balconies, just like you see in the movies. I can't wait to ride a gondola!

We got dinner with Ashanta and Emily at a jazz place near the hotel. We didn't want to venture far on our first night. It turned out to be great! The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very homey. I feel like it is a restaurant I would go to regularly back in the states. The quirk about the restaurant is that there were bras hanging all over the ceiling! Lol it was a tradition, the server said. Emily asked what we get if we give them a bra and they said nothing, so we said no bra for you! It was a funny moment. I'm exhausted from the traveling so its time to see how freaked out I get in the Harry potter closet tonight. Wish me luck!

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