It's no wonder great artists study in Italy. It's an incredibly inspirational place to be! I can't imagine growing up in a place as beautiful as Venice.

I thought the Venetian glass was beautiful, especially the common use of red. I have recently developed an obsession with dark, rich reds. I want to imitate the Venetian glass with clay. It will be hard to get that much control of the work but I'm going to attempt to get it thin and flowing like the Venetian glass.

I have always loved Monet and would love to produce paintings like his from Venice. His observation of colors is awesome. But I'm not as big a fan of landscapes as he was, so I'm considering doing a series of paintings of people in his style. I love figure studies and really enjoyed some paintings I did last year that focused on skin tones.

Throughout the trip, Brandy Sean and I treated the locals to our lovely singing voices. I would also really like to find a way to incorporate the lyrics/feel of the songs we sang on the trip! Bust a Move, Starships, The Cup Song, etc.

I loved the exhibit in the Beinnale of books. In high school we played with bookmaking but I was never very good at it. I would like to give it another try and include ticket stubs from the trip, photos and various Italian themes. It will be like a very artistic and intense scrapbook!

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