Today we visited the Accedemia and Guggenheim museums. They were drastically different, it was like time traveling between the two. The Accedemia was full of old, renaissance artworks. They were the paintings you see in art books. I appreciate them because they were the stepping stones to art period I'm fond of, such as Impressionism. But I can't say I would like to have any of those paintings in my home.

The Guggenheim was much more my style and in my comfort zone. The artworks were modern. I feel like Peggy Guggenheim and I would have gotten along well. The collection featured Pucasso, Dali, Kandinsky, Pollock, Mondrian and many other awesome artists.

After our museum visits, some of the group went to a beach, Lido and enjoyed some Venetian sand and water. It was a wonderful time!

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