Happy Fourth of July!! We departed from the hotel at 12:45 and then took the train to Florence. Well before the train left the station some gypsies wanted to give us some trouble. Well, it wasn't happening!! Fro anybody who doesn't know, don't trust anybody who doesn't have a uniform on and they look sketchy. Anyway, we arrived in Florence, it took a good while to get there, but when we did arrive we checked in to our hotel after they checked our passports. After settling in everybody visited the Santa Maria Del Fiore (The Duomo) and Duomo Baptistery. It was a quick walk through, but I tried and soaked it all in. The top of the baptistery was so gold, as If they used gold leaf for everything. There was plenty of repition throughout the ceiling, doors, and floors. At one point we were amped up to walk up the Duomo...but we were too tired to walk up anything, so we went back to the room to get ourselves together and to cool out. Professor Snipes told us if you see the top of the Duomo you should know where you are at or close to the hotel.    



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