This art explains the relationship between art and animation/entertainment.  Mathias used a 35 mm color film which was processed by hand-drawn animation that involves a character performing a musical piece. This piece uses 5,000 sketches/drawings and watercolors as well.  This animation can be found at the Austrian Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, June 1-November 24 2013.
Imitation of Life represents dark days, during the Great Depression. There is a twist to this creative piece. Instead of showing depression and the downfalls of that time, this artists uses donkeys that sing, rabbits and squirrels that dance, and birds that ask a few questions.  His purpose was to show the better side of escaping by making it a fantastic and magical escape. Throughout the piece there is depth and color that brings the work together. The background of each scene looks very realistic and adds texture to the film. The contrast between the hand-drawn sketches to the film is very effective. The whole piece creates unity. For example, the film itself, the animals, the color, the subject matter of this animation. The film uses a variety of animals that you don't necessarily see in most films these days.  This film has a Disney like feel to it that brings the piece all together. The warm colors in the film creates a calm effect, there is not too much excitement, but enough to get the point across without having loud colors. I believe that if you watch the film before having someone explain it to you it makes a difference. If you analyze the film very carefully you will be able to pick up the purpose of the film.  For example, if a child were to watch this film, they may look at it as just a cartoon, but someone much older may pick up on the subject matter.

As said at the top the animation represents the dark days such as, the great depression but is turn into a imaginative magical type film. A lot of artist today deal with animation which can relate to this piece a little. The difference with this film is that there is a purpose and is more meaningful than most films that are published today. Instead of creating a painting or sculpting the Imitation of Life, he took a different approach. This artwork can be controversial due to the fact that it does not portray the downfalls of the 1930's, it creates more of an uplifting effect. This artist artwork is culturally significant due to the fact that it revolves around the Great depression era. This piece is critical of politics and propaganda as well as popular culture. The media does not change the meaning, it just has a different approach than most viewers would analyze that time and era. Instead of creating a depressed film, the artist took it to the next level. The technology in this piece has a significant impact on the meaning. For example, when thinking of this film it brings peace and tranquility that sets off the mood of the film, which makes the film interesting.  Overall, this piece to me is fantastic. I love animation and always will. The way the film was portrayed is very effective and caught my attention. The color of the film and the depth of it as well really pull me deeper into the film. I really enjoy this piece and would love to see it in person. 



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Ashanta, great job. This is a general comment on all your posts. Would love to know a little more what you think. What your opinions are. What specifically do you like or not like. What specific factors are effective or not. You are qualified to make informed assessments. Cant wait to see more. M


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