Today was a pretty light day, not entirely busy. We went to the Accademia and The Peggy Guggenhein Museum. The Accademia would not allow us to take photos and we had to leave our bags with the front desk. The artwork inside was entirely Renaissance which we have seen a lot of on this trip. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Renaissance and religious art but I still get intrigued on how the artist expresses what he thinks a certain biblical scene looks like. For example, on July 5th we went to go see David. This statue was what the artist, Michelangelo thought the character David from the biblical story David and Goliath resembled. This is not the ONLY way David was portrayed but one of the famous and well-known ones. There were several different types and styles David was created in by many different artists. This is just like the many different types of expressions in Renaissance Style artwork. So many different artists, the same inspiration but a TOTALLY different outcome. Amazing. Well after leaving the Accademia we walked to another Museum that contained more contemporary artwork. There was a lot of interesting pieces there. Most of the pieces made you look twice. After leaving the Gallery we headed back to the hotel and went to the beach!! Yes the beach in Italy.. I had a ball with my friends and had an even greater night. 



07/09/2013 9:33pm

You're so cute!!! And I love that swimsuitttttt!!!

07/12/2013 1:11pm

What was it about the modern artwork at the Guggenheim that made you "look twice"? I'd love to hear your analysis of a Renaissance vs. Modern work. . .


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