When we arrived in Florence I was so relieved!! Everything was so calm and peaceful. The people were so much nicer and cooperative and the food felt like real Italian food. Every thing was very relaxed and the city itself was very clean and pristine, even the designs on the buildings and cathedrals.  One thing I found interesting was the Duomo. You can see it everywhere you go and they say that if you get lost as long as you can see it, you will be able to find your way. As a tourist I found that to be a really interesting tidbit. 
The Duomo
This was the ceiling of a cathedral we went in I was told to look up and that is what I saw!!
I just drew a quick sketch of the photo above
we visited some museums and galleries, but overall I had a pretty relaxed time there, it was my favorite of the three places.  We saw the Spanish steps which are a pain to walk, but they are gorgeous and I admired whatever it was they were made out of it, it had some funky pattern and textures and they were slick. We also saw the THE STATUE OF DAVID...what a sight!! It was more than two times the size of an actual human being, but all of the proportions where perfect.. it was hard to believe.
This was a quick sketch of a sculpture that was in the museum where the Statue of David was.. I guess this was his cousin?? :p
PictureThis was a sketch from something I had seen in one of the museums that we went to. It was a sculpture and it had red marble surrounding it. Really cool

FOOOOOOD!! These were some of the best meals I had the whole trip, I thought I should Share.
Cheesecake with fresh berries..YUMMMMY
Lasagna and the other was gnocchi I tasted both and they were quite delicious!!!
Can't forget the main part of the meal.. WINE... this was just a rough sketch of a wine bottle and I actually stained the paper with a little wine.. I thought it came out pretty cool, so I thought i'd share!

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