Venice  was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen... from the beautiful blue water surrounding the city to the artwork. The artwork was just a different story in itself. Everything was so unique and different than I have ever seen!! I noticed a lot of realism VS. abstract and mixed media which is right up my style of art. I especially liked the Peggy Gugenheim museum, which had all kinds of interesting pieces of art but each room of art seemed to have a different style. But the highlight of the trip was definitely the Biennale!! Words cannot describe the creativity and amount of work put into the art.. that place really did blow my mind!! I have visited a couple galleries around SC this summer and nothing compared to the stuff that was in the Biennale. Just by going to the Biennale I feel that it gave me a whole new perspective on what you can things more than I could have ever imagined. I can definitely say I got a lot of great ideas and inspiration!!!!!
Some favorites from the Peggy Gugenheim Museum
This reminded me of a Salvador Dali, which is one of my favorite artist!!!
I thought this piece had excellent depth to it.. I've never seen anything quite like this before
I LOVED this, it reminded me a lot of my own style.
Me sketching outside of the gugenhiem museum with a beautiful view!!
Just SOME of my favorites from the Biennale...much more to come on my Biennale analysis
This was so funny to me because I didn't even notice all of that was body parts until I started looking closer and I just kept seeing more and more details in the drawing. I had to look at this piece more than once because it was so cool!
I can't get over how cool this is I tried to figure out what the artist used then I had to give up and read the name tag. It is just incredible!!
Just thought the contrats between real shinny metal to fabric material. Pretty Cool!
This may sound weird, but this door was outside of the biennale, but I felt like it could be a work of art! I was immediately drawn to it, and it gave me an idea for the projects we had to do!


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    I'm Christine. I am a very proud art major and soon to be an artist with a degree!! My style is experimenting and trying to recreate things with textures and 3-d elements. Sky is the Limit with my art, you never know what your going to get!


    June 2013