I was really inspired of a painting I observed over at the Arsenale by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein that was classified as untitled. I plan on one of my pieces having a wood canvas with a drawing of Mary and baby Jesus then over top of the image I would use Bruenchenhein's finger painting technique with vibrant colors. 

Similar style to this artwork.
Quick sketch of my idea.


Prof. Snipes
09/06/2013 10:12am

A good beginning, Erin. Think about what source you will use for the Madonna and Child reference (may be a good opportunity for a master study?). Think about how using finger paint affects the way we would interpret this subject.

Drawing on wood (leaving some wood exposed) is a great way to embrace your material and actual texture. If you were to go this route, consider the woodgrain as a compositional element (line, shape, color). You will need to think about how to make the drawn image and finger painting unified.

Prof Snipes
09/06/2013 10:13am

What are your ideas on your 3D artworks?


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