I must say that the first day in Rome has been absolutely breath taking. It still hasn't really settled in that I am in one of the most historical relms of art. However, I have had a sense of enormous inspiration. When we visited St. Luigi to see two of Caravaggio's paintings, I couldn't believe the impact of viewing it face to face. It bought  a million questions to mind. With his high contrast of light and dark in the painting and implied lines, it emphasized a feeling of accusation. I found myself battling to determine the focal point between the young man on the far left and what was on the table. To me, it seems that two of the hands pointing leads directly to the man on the right with his head down, but one of the hands on the right leads to the objects on the table. Is there a connection between these two items? If so, what exactly is o the table and what does the implied lines point to? Feel free to comment and tell me what you think.
quick sketch done in st. luigi


07/02/2013 7:51pm

Good blog Mia, keep it up. Unforgettable memories were made for sure, love your pictures.

Ahhhh, The Calling of St. Matthew... how cool was it to see that in person? You're right about the impact of seeing it face to face. Seeing it a thousand times in a book or on the screen just doesn't do it justice. To think about Caravaggio's paintbrush making those marks more than 400 years ago on that actual canvas is beyond words. This is Christ pointing to Matthew. I'll let you dig into the story more so you can answer your own question about what's on the table (hint:Matthew 9:9).


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