OMG!!!!!!! What a shock! Could not believe the legendary artist work in this museum. I don't think I had ever truly known about this woman and therefore I did not know what to expect. One thing I can say is that not have known her before, but I know now how important she was in the discovery of the presently famous artists. Literally when I saw Jackson Pollock's work, I though to myself "that can't be real...this must be a replica." The closer I got to the paintings, the more I realized that they were original and it blew my mind! Seeing these types of work in person are NOTHING like looking a picture. I was on cloud 9. Never would I have thought, that I would be standing in front of the artists' work that have inspired me so much


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    I am currently a Junior at Lander University and a Visual Communications Major with a Graphic Design Emphasis.


    July 2013
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