The first day at the Giardini. Where to start? There was so much to take in. So much to explain. The ones I found most interesting to me were Germany's, America, Great Britain, and korea's. Germany was very interesting because throughout the building there were tvs with pictures of different kind of bombs. And connected to them were head phones. For every different image was a different sound. Caitlin, Emily, and I began to think and finally realized that the sounds of the headphones was a specific place that corresponded with the bombs. For instance one bomb landed on a beach and didn't explode. So for that tv, it showed the bomb and on the headphone was the sound of seagulls and waves hitting the beach shore. It was really creative and unique. Then my favorite one was America. There was so much to see and so little time. I could of literally stayed there an entire day and still not see enough of it. For some reason, I enjoy small detailed art pieces. On this day we covered most of the Giardini Bienalle except for 4. So I was planning on coming back and finishing it all. There was so much wonderful stuff that was depressing, exciting, curious, amazed, and detailed unique pieces. I was so glad to have seen so much and learned so much.

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