We headed to Accademia where I saw an art piece that is now one of my favorite pieces so far. It was a cross incased in a glass case. It was so very detailed that I would circle around it over and over again to see every little detail it had. It was Jesus crucified on the cross and angels all around him catching his blood and some holding on to him and helping him out. And on the back was an angel with a spear killing a dragon (the devil). It was so very well detailed that It had my attention for about a hour. I just kept going around it over and over it again admiring this wonderful piece of art. I took a few pictures but they came out blurry. While wandering around the Accademia I sketched a few painting that caught my eye. After the Accademia, we headed to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. As I walked around seeing all the art prices I decided to sketch for a little while. After the museum, I went back to the room to change and headed to the beach.

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