July 8 Today we went to the Accademia where we were able to put away the cameras and sketch the artwork we were seeing. This gallery contained many, many large scale paintings that all seemed to have similar content but were executed in completely different ways. Some of the paintings seemed to be soft and light, while other's had a hard edge and more attention to detail and definition. I began to look at the hands of people in each individual painting because some of them appeared so realistic, with veins and knuckles, while others were merely a soft outline of a hand painted a skin tone color. I preferred the paintings that chose to have a hard edge and more brush detail because I find myself more inspired by the photo-realistic paintings. 

Then it was off to the Guggenheim! This museum was filled with colorful, abstract paintings that inspired. I have always been drawn to bright colors and most recently found a new love for abstract paintings, after the abstract landscape assignment we had in Painting I. BE BOLD! I've learned that fearlessness is just one of the many techniques to creating a bold abstract painting. I paid close attention to the brush handling in each of the paintings I saw in the Guggenheim Museum. One brush stroke or one pop of color can completely change the way a painting is perceived. 
Color and texture inspiration was not only in the galleries and museums we went through; I found inspiration from the colors and textures on the doors, window coverings, buildings, wood, etc. all throughout Venice. I tried to take tons of pictures on the water bus rides just to make sure that I did not miss out on anything that might inspire me for my reflection pieces. For my response pieces, I definitely want to find a way to incorporate the distress wood and turquoise color I saw on the doors and windows. I also want to weld something similar to the window coverings I noticed throughout Venice (the picture below is of a window covering that was at the Guggenheim Museum. 

Almost forgot to mention that a big group of us went to Lido Beach in Venice at the end of the day! Seriously, HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. So much fun. There was singing and dancing and photos being taken continuously. I loved getting to bond with everyone and just having a fantastic time! And the view from the water bus on the way back to our hotel was just a view I will never forget. BEAUTIFUL.

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