July 7 After gathering in the Piazza San Marco and having a photo shoot with the pigeons, we headed off to the Biennale to see some amazing (SERIOUSLY AMAZING) art pieces. The paintings were absolutely beautiful and were all so different. One particular series of paintings that literally made my mouth drop were by a Belgium painter by the name of Thierry De Cordier. The large scale images of dark, troubling ocean water immediately captured my attention when I entered the room and then when I realized that they were paintings and not photographs, I was absolutely astounded. I have always been inspired by photo-realistic painters and was especially inspired by the detailed brush strokes of Cordier's work. These paintings completely absorb the viewer with their shadowy, dark palette. 
The Giardini National Pavillions. SO MUCH FUN. Going through all of the different countries was like an art amusement park. Some of the countries' "rides" made me a little frightened....like Korea for example, when they stuck Sean and I in a silent, pitch dark room for about 5 minutes with two other people. Very interesting...but the mirror building they created was so cool! The reflections just seemed endless and I have never been so happy with my decision to not wear a skirt or dress that day...could have been an awkward situation. 

Overall favorite countries were definitely France, Russia and Venezuela. Oh and America OF COURSE. France had an amazing installation made up of interconnected wooden stools that just blew my mind, while Russia had an installation that was raining gold coins, where only women were allowed to be at the bottom of the falling coins with umbrellas (and got a free coin for a souvenir!). Aside, from the excitement of falling money, it had an interesting message about the role gender plays in greed and wealth. Then last, but certainly not least, Anne, Sean, Team Slagle and I stopped in Venezuela to see the brilliant, graffiti light display they had going on inside the dark room. I could have watched the lights and colors play on the graffiti painting all day. Super cool. 

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