One of my favorite things when we were in Murano was sea glass hunting on the mini "beach" that we found on our way to Burano.  The colorful collection we dug for will create an amazing piece of art. There were many colorful pieces, of all sizes, and I tended towards the smaller pieces, to complete my collection. 

I have a few ideas for my sea glass, one where the sea glass is tied with clear string inside of a picture frame, similar to a piece of artwork I saw at the Biennale. My idea is to create a hybrid of tied pieces and dangling pieces of sea glass, and to play with the light and reflections on the walls. I want it to be hanging from the ceiling with space between the piece and the wall. By using transparent string, the shapes the glass creats on the wall will be the only thing seen.

Things I want to play with:
    - Light
    - Color
    - Reflections
    - Space
    - Transparency
    - framing
    - 3 Dimensional Design
I may even use wire as a drawn line flat piece of work with either the shadow or the actual wire piece on the wall, in which I use the shadows from the sea glass as the shadows within the sculptural piece.  I am not sure of the scale I want to use yet, or if I want the piece to be uplit or downlit, and which direction i want the shadows to go, but I think playing around with the sea glass and using the shadows on the wall to create a design would be a fun and interesting way to work with the glass. Although this idea has helped me develop another idea for a 3 dimensional piece.

2/16/2015 09:53:15 pm

I do love sea glass! May I ask you if the small beach in Murano is easy to find? I plan to go there and I'd like to do a sea glass hunting too!
Thanks, Silvia :)


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