This huge mural was one of the first rooms we entered walking around the central pavillion at the Giardini.

This painting has many different interesting elements, including The size of the canvas, use of vibrant colors, and the variety of subject matter within one painting. The stylized, colorful world created in this painting could have you staring for days. Every subject in this piece has a reason for being there, and it's our job as the viewer to figure that out. the first scene to the left appears to be skeletons at a party, with the solar system in the back. The center piece of this work is a ballerina next to a horse with a black nude male pulling back the curtain for the last scene, a beach scene. One interesting fact is that this used to be 3 different canvases which are now sewn together.   One interesting element of the composition are the ants that are painted around the entire work as a frame, making it one cohesive piece, as if seeing it out of a window.

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