While searching hashtags on Instagram I found a photo of this gorgeous colorful exhibition. I can't wait to check it or for myself.

It's called Campo de Color meaning Field of Color, by a Bolivian artist named Sonia Falcone and is created using various pigments and spices in ceramic jars. It is shown in the Latin American pavilion which is located in the Arsenale.

"Throughout history, spices have motivated marine exploration and trading routes and here inspire the creation of a new landscape. Falcone covered the floor with hundreds of clay pots filled with cocoa, cayenne, chilli, achiote, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, thyme, mustard, curry, paprika and more – a rich variety of spices to create a minimalist composition in the colour field style. Unlike the smooth, cold surfaces of North American minimalism, Falcone’s visual feast displays reliefs composed of pulverized flavours, as hot as Latin American chilli or as sweet as Oriental cinnamon. While the routes of the spices linked Asia to the ports of Venice in the Middle Ages, Campo de color completes the cartographic picture by drawing in the palette of flavours from the New World." -http://artsy.net/LatinAmericanPavilion


Jennifer Madden
07/01/2013 10:21pm

Can't wait to see your picture of this display....

07/12/2013 4:14pm

What were your impressions of this piece when you saw it in real life?


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