Photos can never do justice to works of art. Bernini's David is a fantastic example. Both marble statues of David are perfectly executed, and they both have an impact when you see them in person.

Bernini carved David(1623-1624) in such an exceptional way, that the statue has movement in the arms and shape of the body, and feels as if it is going to propel the stone from the slingshot in his hand.  The expression on his face shows determination and the way the body is constructed gives it movement. The life size characteristics of Bernini's David make it realistic, and the other objects placed in the sculpture stay true to the bible verse where David slays Goliath.

Michelangelo's David(1501-1504) on the other hand is a massive feat in itself. The sheer size of David is what was most unexpected, and when you turn the corner at the Accademia, you suddenly realize how large the sculpture is and how long it took to create. The beauty of Michelangelo's sculpture is is the proportions.  The statue was to originally be viewed from below, which Michelangelo took into account by making the head and upper part of the sculpture larger than the rest of the lower body. Michelangelo's David is considered to be a symbol of strength, as well as an image of youthful human beauty, making it one of the most recognized works of renaissance sculpture. The statue of David is said to be in the state between conscious thought and conscious action, as he has already made the decision to fight Goliath, and is before the battle has taken place. 

Of the two my favorite would have to be Michelangelo's David, the sheer size just blew me away, as well as the proportions.  The fac


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